About SMS & Email Portal

Plant Global is customized for your needs. Bulk SMS can be sent from SMS software as well as from Bulk SMS Panel. We provide Free bulk SMS software to our paid customers which can be used to send Group SMS, Bulk SMS, Dynamic SMS, Flash SMS etc anywhere to India.

Plant Global is a complete Bulk SMS Solution providing company designed for small, medium or large companies. Using our services you can promote your brand anywhere across India or every where.we are providing Bulk SMS API in India with the most user friendly code-based specifications.Bulk SMS (Short Messaging Service) is the fastest and most efficient way of sending your message across a large group of people.SMS is means a 'Short Message Service' for providers like us, but for you it is a medium to convey your audience a message in short.

We provide very reliable bulk SMS gateways for integration into software, online portals, and other applications. Our bulk sms solution filters Do Not Disturb (NDNC filter - National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending promotional messages. Messages deliver to all mobile numbers in case of informational sms.